A Sunday at Belmont for the Charitable 7th by RW Robert Silver


Brothers Gather at the Races to Promote MSID (New York Masonic Safety Identification Program)

If you came to Belmont on this soggy Sunday morning to bet on the seventh race, you would have arrived too early to see the horses. Instead, you would have met up with the kids at St. Mary’s, the dedicated staff who run their program and the 500 volunteers, including five of St. Mary’s courageous patients, sponsored by their families and friends to participate in the 9th Annual Walk for St. Mary’s Kids. On this Sunday, May 19, The ½ or 2 ½ mile walk was organized to raise funds and awareness for St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children. Its mission is to improve the health and quality of life for children with special healthcare needs and their families.

You would have also seen the brothers of Seventh Manhattan District promoting the New York Masonic Safety Identification Program or, in common parlance, Child ID.  Coordinated ably by RW Jon Pufahl and supported by his band of brothers – W. Robert Gore, W Michael Adler, W Ernest Hudson and W Steve Rosen from the Ninth Manhattan District. Child ID has been revolutionary in recording vital data – including photographs and fingerprints in the event a child goes missing or an amber alert becomes necessary. Thousands of children have been found or rescued owing to this important development.

The Seventh District Foundation has also had a long relationship with St. Mary’s Hospital for Kids. Over the past 15 years, the Charitable 7th has donated upwards of $500,000 toward their pediatric feeding program. This program has become the gold standard for teaching parents and caregivers feed babies who were born without the innate ability to swallow and potentially saving many lives.

The Seventh District Foundation also pledged $100,000 toward St. Mary’s magnificent new facility in Bayside, Queens by sponsoring their family lounge adjacent to their recreation center. The Foundation is now halfway through their four year commitment.

On hand from St. Mary’s was their Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Freirichs: Jan Mittan,, Senior Vice President for Development and External Relations and Dr. Dawn Cuglietto, Director of the Feeding Program and Clinical Psychologist at St. Mary’s.



Many questions have been received from Secretaries seeking to logon to the MORI System. Unfortunately, due to the power outages in New York City resulting from the hurricane, the servers are currently down.

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Brethren of the Seventh by R:.W:. William Sohni

Brethren of the Seventh Manhattan District

I would like to start off by congratulating R:.W:. Bruce Zayde on his appointment as Grand Lodge Staff Officer. His assignment is Grand Sword Bearer . His mission is to provide the Seventh Manhattan District with Education, Leadership and Planning. I can not think of anyone who is more qualified and has as much energy as our Brother R:.W:. Zayde has. The best of luck to him. He will not be alone in his mission however. Our AGL R:.W:. Martin Merman and I will be there to support him. We will work as a team.

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“I Blame the Internet” By Dan Eckman – Seventh Sun

I blame the internet. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself…

In my short time as Mason, one of the things that I have most wanted to help accomplish is the bridging of the generational rift in the fraternity. There is a huge gap in not only the experience, but also in the perceptions and desires, of the younger members of the Craft when compared to our elders. The most visible differences are in attitudes toward things such as communication technology, but these largely distract from the more fundamental problems we face. I strongly feel that one such disconnect is in protocol.

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